fifty two weeks of happy week thirteen

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yellow flowers, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
Bit late with this, since we are half way into week fourteen. Some weeks are more challenging than others, but given a few extra days and a bit more sleep (Easter hols!), I've managed to bring myself back around to looking for the happy.
Firstly some flowers, these little yellow carnations look so sweet in this milk jug.
Secondly my little nest of eggs including the new wooden egg from Mindy at Indie Bambino. I love my new Florence egg, thank you Mindy. x


I've also treated myself to a new dress.

Easter Dress

My boots look very scruffy in this pic, there's no doubt they need a polish, but I think the morning light shining directly on them is making them look worse than they are.

And finally got the hang of granny squares!


I finished these while sat in church for the big boys Easter service. (Yes I am atheist, but my small children attend a CofE primary school, quite normal here in the UK, even for non christians.)
The little ones were napping at the same time (almost unheard of), and I sat quietly in the creche area listening to the singing and crocheting away, it was rather lovely. I even got some helpful tips from a lady passing by who was a more experienced crocheter.

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  1. Snap with the crochet. I finally learned after all these years. I watched a you tube video and for some unknown reason, it stuck this time (I have watched MANY how to crochet videos before with no success). I have a growing pile of granny squares which I intend to sew into a blanket for my studio. I'm thinking I may look for an easy shawl tutorial next lol.

  2. LOVE the dress! Where is it from?

  3. I am still unmastered in Granny Squares!

    I totally understand the English school dilema and it is easier to go with the flow. As an athesist myself, I know that's what I will do and although taught in a CofE school myself... I can't remember any of it apart from I liked christingle because of the orange with sweets in it!

    Lots of Love,


  4. The dress is from hourglass_dresses on Ebay. Only £29.99. which is less than it would cost me to make. Sizing is very generous, and initially I followed their measurements and bought a size 16 to accomodate my bust,(thinking I could take in the waist) but it was enourmous. No hassle returning though and the size 12 fits me perfectly.

  5. I love all the eggs but especially Florence's!

    Yay for getting the hang of the granny squares! I told you it gets easier!

  6. You look fab in your new dress.
    Well done on mastering the crochet - from trying to teach people I know it's not as easy as I think it is.

  7. I really hope you don't mind me saying this... but don't turn the granny squares around (in the grey one I'm pretty certain you've turned it around and are working in the opposite direction). Of course there's no reason why you can't turn it around, but 'traditionally' you work granny squares in rounds that all go in the same direction.

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  9. Oh my, the Florence is gorgeous! As are you. xx

  10. Cybele, is that why I've got those ridges? TBH I'm not sure if I turned or not, but I think I did, although maybe not consistently! I'm still learning. :)


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