Cutie Booties

3:09 pm

Spots, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Or perhaps not. I don't like this pattern. It's the Cutie Booties pattern from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book.
I think I should've followed my instincts on this one actually, the only pair I've seen made up I didn't like much, and I don't like either pair I've made today.
maybe it's because I chose not to use fusible fleece in them, or because I used snaps instead of Velcro to fasten them, but nope I think it's just that they didn't go together in an instinctive way.
Still, they are not so bad they need to be binned,next time though I'll use the Bitty Booties pattern instead or my own.....


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  1. I think they are mighty cute. I'd buy them if I had a good reason to... Hope you find a pattern you feel good about :)

  2. oh i love them, you just make things so fast! i have made similar ones but i am a complete beginner. i bought a sewing machine after i came home from hospital with harvey. he was hooked up to a feeding machine for 18 hours a day so i decided i would need something to do at home to stop me going nuts. i loved making things, mainly wraps and bedding, straight lines (easy) i havent been able to do it since he died, but i feel you are inspiring me, thanks xxx warm hugs, anne

  3. Oh my gosh, those are SO cute!! :)

  4. I think they're adorable. Leave then lying around for a while, I'm sure they'll grow on you.


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