3:04 pm

I can't explain this, but I've found myself browsing a baby equipment site and gazing longingly at a pram! What's that all about?
Yesterday I was not feeling good, I was sad and worried, and then something changed and I had an urge to buy a pram for baby boy...or to at least choose one.
We don't need a pram, I'm a babywearer most of the time, and we have our ancient, very well used Mountain Buggy, but here I am seriously considering buying a pram.
Partly I think I want baby boy to have something that's chosen just for him, something fairly indulgent that I can barely justify (it's expensive), maybe buying him a pram means he'll have to stick around to use it?
Whatever, I do feel quite, dare I say it...excited at the thought!
Of course, I haven't actually clicked on "add to basket"...not yet!

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  1. I did that but with carseats
    I knew the twins would be early and need NICU time, so I figured we'd buy them while they were there, when we knew for sure they would come home
    But something possessed me to buy them one day around halfway through my pregnancy. I thought I'd keep them in their boxes and keep the receipt, just in case, and it would be ok to splurge early. And then my husband took them out of the boxes to use the boxes for other stuff... I freaked. But it all worked out and we got to use them!

  2. you can't stop the big love! it happens eventually, you wouldn't want to stop it, i'm really glad you are feeling this way and i say go for it honey!! feel the big love and allow hope to live within !!!!!! big hugs xxx

  3. Following on from our previous conversation, i'd take that as a good sign :)

    We live in Kiddicare town; i knew it when it was a small business, no bigger than our one is now, and now it is huge. I went there the week before Freddie arrived and was very impressed.

    Enjoy pram hunting (then buy a new sling!)

  4. That is a cool looking pram and you will need something to carry all your bags while you are carrying baby boy! LOL! (but then I am still a pramoholic!)

  5. I have an Xplory and it is fan-bloody-tastic. I babywear a lot of the time too, but the Xplory is amazing for the rest of the time :-)

    Glad you are having a positive kind of day,

    Meg (Spottysocks)

  6. That is a yummy pram. I say enjoy the urge to splurge when you have it. I love wearing Toby but I *finally* got a "proper" me-facing pram (albeit an e.bay. bargain) for him and I do enjoy pushing him in it occasionally and chatting to him about general inanities!

  7. If I was into prams I would say that's a very nice pram. But over that I would say do what you need to do. And the ONLY reason to keep the receipt would be if baby boy decides he much prefers cuddling with his Mummy instead :)

  8. I too like wearing Angus and did a lot when he was really little, but we go on lots of big walks and I walk to do the grocery shopping, so a pram has made all that easier. I too have one that faces me so we can just chat away. I say buy the pram!

  9. Ditto what Meg says. ANd we use ours all the time now F doesn't want to be slung so much. COme and have a play with ours (almost half price at Lester's in Cheetham Hill, by the way). Oh - and it fits in the back of a Multipla nicely!

  10. Get it!!!! Lol Me, you, Rachel and Farhat can hit the town with our xplory's lol! Not allowing anyone past as we walk side by side down the streets lol!

  11. By the pram! By the pram!
    If little chap prefers to be totally slung you could use it as an expensive trolley for the shopping, LOL!!
    San xx

  12. ooo that is one groovy pram. Go for it :D

  13. LOL at all you naughty lot encouraging me to buy!


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