This Morning

9:29 am

While getting Sid ready for school, I mentioned how wriggly baby boy had been during the night.

"But he wont wriggle when he's born" Said Sid.

"I expect he will, and you can hold him."

"He might die, and then he wont wriggle"

"We hope he wont die, we hope he'll be fine"

"Florence died. Why did Florence die the day she was born?"

"We don't know sweetheart."

"Dead babies go to the cemetery. If our baby dies he will go to the cemetery with Florence"

I guess, he just doesn't know any different.

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  1. Just breaks my heart to read that.
    I admire you for the way you handled it. I'm sure you had a good cry to yourself after this.

  2. oh bless his cotton socks, children are just so innocent and stripped back, they can at times take our breath away, big hugs to you and you wriggly baby boy xxx anne

  3. oh heartbreaking

    so many hugs to you and yours (((( ))))


  4. Such big words from such a small man.

  5. What can I say?
    Hugs and prayers for you all
    San xx

  6. Sending (((hugs))) to you.

  7. This sounds like many conversations I have had with my Emma. Her reality is that some babies do die. I can't tell her this baby will be okay becuase that could turn out to be a lie. I tell her we have to hope and pray for the best, but he still says, "If this baby makes it..." I am so sorry that this is how their worlds are. xx

  8. When N. was three, he had a small operation (we were home the same day) which was very much routine, just something that needed sorting. A few months ago, I was trying to explain to them both what was happening to mum and what had started it all, and what the future might be. I thought it had all sunk in, I had used N.'s operation as an example, and suddenly he says 'yay, I didn't die when I had an operation'. Sometimes it's so hard to know what goes on in their mind. And however grown up they seem, they're still small people aren't they. {{{hugs}}} for you all.

  9. Hugs. Well done for answering so well. I can remember sussing out about death when my Mum died at age 7. I really was that matter of fact about it too. I think the more open and truthful you can be the better. Even though it breaks your heart to even have to say the words. xxx

  10. Heartbreaking, keep wriggling little one x

  11. I'm finding the questions really hard to answer even though for some reason i spent the entire pregnancy warning the children that not all babies come home - and can't even begin to work out where to find the courage to decide whether to brave having another child.



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