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I've commented before how it's bittersweet to pull out clothes made for Florence and dress Ernest in them. This outfit was made while pregnant with Florence, for her to wear to my best friends wedding.I've kept the outfit wrapped carefully along with the matching bootees and bonnet, not quite sure what to do with them.
Yesterday's funeral seemed to be the appropriate time to dress Ernest in them. The bootess didn't fit, and the bonnet was a bit much, so they are both tucked away in Florence's memory box, while this outfit will eventually go into Ernest's. (All my children have memory boxes) It seems appropriate that they get to share.

This pair of Saartje bootees went well instead.

Oh, and we wore this sling.

Another Ring Sling

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  1. oh wow jeanette such a beautiful outfit. i have just been through Harvey's clothes and found some of his favourite woolies that i will want to share with little Dottie Bea. i imagine how it may feel, beautiful and sad all at the same time. luckily i know this feeling well. sending love xxx anne

  2. What a lovely little outfit and the sling is gorgeous! He's a precious baby, just adorable.

  3. very appropriate to share - it's what siblings do! You are a very talented lady, what a gorgeous outfit, definitely needs to be worn............must be so hard you are doing very well xx


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