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5:12 pm

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I've been thinking. Woody always says I think too much, he's probably right. This week I've thought about some things so much my brain hurts.
We have a funeral to go to on Friday, and even with all this thinking I still don't know how I feel about that. I can't say much more on the subject either for fear of hurting people I really do care for.

Ernest and I had another pyjama day yesterday, all in the hope of teaching him to nurse from the breast, it's a slow slow process, but I think we might be getting somewhere....
And even if we are not, a day in bed with my little guy, some choccy biscuits, lots of tea and some knitting, what better way is there to spend a Saturday?

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  1. perfect. Wishing you all the best with the breastfeeding.

  2. aw a day in bed AND chocolate biscuits - just perfect! He looks so delicious Jeanette (((hugs)))

    as for funerals - that's going to be painful on so many levels. Put your needs first (((hugs)))


  3. The second picture in your post has got to be the cutest one ever!!

  4. Lovely photos of the Little Man.

    Continue to look after yourself, more hugs ((()))


  5. I'm sorry to hear that you will be going to a funeral this week.

    Ernest is looking so lovely. I hope that you make some progress teaching him to nurse.

  6. He has the most beautiful eyes! Little heartbreaker there :)
    Snuggling in bed with a sweet baby is a wonderful place to be! I really feel you on the pumping thing. It is so much harder than nursing :( I just keep hoping he gets it soon and you can ditch the puddles.

  7. funerals are hard - and everything that goes with them. Sending love & hope it all goes okay. yay for pajama days. xxh

  8. So sorry you've got a funeral in your family. They can be so hard.xxx

    Sounds like a lovely Saturday :)

  9. I love hte PJ's! Glad you had a good day on Saturday.

    (((hugs))) for the funeral.

  10. That first picture made me laugh - adorable! Days in bed with a baby - nothing better. Cute blanket too.

  11. There is no better way.

    Plus enjoy it while he lets you stay in bed and be lazy :D

  12. lovely picture, such a wise look for someone so young. xxx

  13. Well done you for having much needed rest time.
    Remember to continue to be gentle with yourself, you've all been through so much and you only have to look at Ernest to see how much he is thriving!

    As for thinking too much I think it's definitely a woman thing!

    Will be thinking of you on Friday
    Big hugs
    San xx

  14. I adore a nurse-in, I wish my three year old werent jumping on my head or I would stay all day in bed with Vivien some days....much love to you, and I bet in two months, the nursing concerns will all be a thing of the past....


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