Note to self

5:55 pm

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Attempting to double pump in a busy Little Chef car park is never going to be very conducive to milk collection, but pumping with a view like this one is much nicer.
Today has been very tiring. A three hour journey to Wales, a crying baby in a packed church,rocking baby outside in the wind (after falling down the church step), being accosted (hugged and kissed) by some random elderly welsh guy with dubious personal hygeine, then taking grumpy baby to a crowded hotel bar, till he cries and once again we find ourselves outside in the cold.Then another long drive home.
I'm in my jammies now, too tired to eat, I just need another big cup of tea and a snuggle with my family.
I think the funeral went well, I pretty much missed it. I know I've never seen so many catholic priests in one place all at once.x

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  1. are you too tired for some chocolate or biscuits with that tea - sounds like you've earned it x

    p.s. I have memories of always made me feel like a milch cow!

  2. We're in south Wales. Not sure you were any where near us but I would have helped if I could. Sounds like a bit of a traumatic day. But now you're home safe and warm. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a traumatic day ((hugs))

    Hope you had a good snuggle with your family xx

  4. Larissa, nope North Wales, and we might be going again tomorrow.x


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