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1:54 pm

I discovered today that my twenty five days of give aways ornament has probably got lost in the post, I know my ornament swap ornament arrived, but now I'm worried that the other ornaments I posted at the same time never made it either. So if anyone who was expecting an ornament from me hasn't yet received it, please contact me jeanette dot archer at gmail dot com and I'll see what I can do.


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  1. That;s a shame - but you may want to wait a bit longer before you give up completely. Post that was caught up because of the bad weather is fed into the system *slowly*. We are still receiving christmas cards posted in mid-December!

  2. What a bummer :(

  3. Just want to agree on the post still catching up- I paid for something I should have got early December- and was ringing up to complain a couple of days ago ( when I realised I HAD paid, and not just forgotten to order) when the post lady knocked and I got my Christmas chocolates...
    Really hope it turns up and isn't properly lost.

  4. It may just be your local postal service Jeanette. I came here to thank you because the gorgeous Flossies Pinafore arrived this morning in the post. I don't know if the posting date of that reassures you re the other things?
    Thank you so, so much, it's truly beautiful and I cant wait for warm weather so Sis can wear it.

  5. Don't give up hope for the parcels. We're in California and the Christmas presents my sister in England sent us on Dec 10 just arrived yesterday!

  6. Don't give up I posted some presents first class Christmas eve and my nephews only received them today! xx


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