A bit of finishing off

3:32 pm

shopping list, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Still finishing off things here and there in the kitchen.
A couple of chalk boards.
And a chair that needed a bit of love.
From this (too orange)
To this
finished chair
There's still more to do, but I got to at least cross off a few things on the list.

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  1. Love the chalk boards - have the kiddos claimed one for them yet?
    What paint did you use on the chair?

  2. The kids have added things to the shopping list!
    I used a spray paint on the chair, it took way more than I thought it would, and I didn't want it to have total cover iykwim?
    I'm pleased with it though, and can see spray painting becoming quite an addiction, it's so easy!

  3. Spray paint is addictive! Add to that you can spray almost anything....the possibilities are endless :)

  4. I love chalk boards and chalk board paint is fab.I'd love to do a whole wall in my dining room (when it gets done).We did my ds's bedroom door in it when he was younger.
    The chair looks great.

  5. love it! And want to come for tea LOL

  6. Yay for crossing things off lists. That is a VERY IMPORTANT thing in my life!! The kitchen is looking gorgeous - love the chair.


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