Summer Hols

4:34 pm

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So, second week of the summer hols already nearly over. It's been crazy!
Every year I think I'll get so much done, I'll work on my sketchbooks, and get through my sewing lists....
The reality is, I spend most of every day making meals and snacks and clearing up in between. Especially now Ernest has decided most food needs flinging far and wide as soon as it's placed in front of him, unless it's olives or chocolate!
I love it though, having them all home, not doing the school runs...just wish they would be a bit tidier.


Today we had a trip out to MOSI. The girls and I were not really looking forward to it, it's a bit of a geek fest for Woody and the big boys, especially Angus.
We had a good time though, and visited some of the buildings we usually don't have time for.
I loved the collections archive. All these miscellaneous items placed neatly behind glass in cupboards and drawers, rows and rows. I took photos, but wished I had time and a sketchbook with me.




I even got my camera out in the transport/aviation hall to photograph this plane because I loved the combination of the blue,the steel and the wood.


Ernest sang his way around, on my back before falling asleep.


Tomorrow, I'm promised a sewing day. I'm going to not think about how I should really be painting the kitchen walls. I'm going to sew!

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  1. We have the MOSI on our to do list for home school, Benedict is gadget crazy!

    I guess it is your rabbit fingers above India's head?! Makes a change from one of the kids being crazy!!

    I just love the picture of you all, your kids are truly blessed to have you as their mama!!

    Big hugs San xx

  2. India looks so tall, is it the camera angle or is she taller than you?!
    I love the old Kenwood mixer - you cant' beat a bit of old kitchenalia! Hope you get a sewing day plans started off well but have dissolved into time spent at the local pool.

  3. What a happy lot, Love your hair Jeanette. I start back at work next monday, so that's our school hols over already!

  4. What lovely pictures! The one of you and the children is just awesome!

  5. Yep those are my rabbit ears!
    And yep India is quite a bit taller than me!

  6. Gorgeous post and kids. Love the last pic especially.
    I might have to pick your brains about babywearing when my next one arrives (I'm 37 weeks, eek). We wore Angus for about 10 months, but found it hard after that. Never did find the carrier that worked for us best.

  7. Love it! And I recognize that wrap, a beauty and the baby in it is even better! Love to you,M

  8. What a gorgeous family! Glad that J is not the only child who likes olives and chocolate and despises most other foods.

    Love that Ernest sang his away around. Beautiful boy! xo


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