Sewing Day

5:23 pm

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Yay! I love a sewing day. Started off the day with a run...yep still running, albeit rather slowly.
I wanted to get going on the sewing by 9am, but there was tidying up to do, pumping, and budgeting....that wasn't nice at all.
I don't know if I ever mentioned here how I recently moved my sewing space back downstairs?
I just couldn't sew in the loft with Ernest crawling around the floor, it wasn't safe at all. So we moved this little desk downstairs, and it all packs away neatly when I'm not using it.

I should've taken a photo of it all packed away, but it's very neat , you'll just have to trust me on that.
I do have to steal a corner of the dining table for my overlocker.

The ironing board is set up in the kitchen.
I quite like being in the hub of the house, but I do miss being able to leave my machines set up ready to use.
One day I will have a beautiful studio....
Back to today's sewing, I got a whole pile of cloth baby wipes and face cloths whipped up out of the many millions of muslins I've collected over the years.

And I made a good start on this bubble suit.

Oh, I've cried some tears over this little romper. I designed it for Ernest to wear to my brothers wedding,but then the kitchen was midway through being installed, and I couldn't get to my machines, and I cried because I hadn't made Ernest anything at all for his birthday, and I felt like the worst mother in the world going out and buying him something to wear.
I still feel sad that he didn't get to wear it on his birthday (at my brothers wedding), but I'm trying to get over it.

Maybe I can finish it tomorrow. x

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  1. I've had to move my machine from the loft room as i never seemed to have chance to get up there to sew! It is now ensconced on the ironing board in my bedroom so I can alternate between ironing and sewing!

    i actually managed to finish the bunting for Pip's newly decorated bedroom and next up is hemming the hooded winter dress that was made weeks ago.

    Knitting is my current sanity saver!

    hugs to you Jeanette, love San x

  2. I am jealous you have a "spot" to sew. After we moved out of the house we were in when Henry died I no longer had a sewing room and it took me a long time to come back to sewing because forever and ever I had been sewing things just for him and it hurt me to look at my machine and all the fabric I still had packed away. I love the things you make, gorgeous stuff!

  3. Loved getting a glimpse of where all of your sewing magic happens.

  4. Don't feel bad about not making Ernest his romper suit. I still have the makings of a quilt packed away that I cut back when you made him his outfit!! I was supposed to make that for his birth. That was 19 months ago!! I've cried about that too xx

  5. If it helps at all, in 13 years of motherhood, I have hosted 3 birthday parties and decorated one birthday cake (and I bought the base in S'bury's!)

    BAD mother! (And I looked forward to those bits too... I am truly hopeless!)

  6. Seeing the pictures of your home and family and outings is like a nice, cool glass of lemonade in the summer. Really lovely. You are a beautiful mother - far from a bad one.

    Thank you for writing. Every day I see our chickens and think of yours, across the ocean.

    Cathy in Missouri

  7. Such a beautiful little bubble suit.

    I felt like the worst mother in the world going out and buying him something to wear.

    Aw Jeanette. You are so far from that.

    My own children have only ever worn bought clothes and I still shed the occasional tear over the sampler that I still haven't finished sewing for the girls. Three years later!

  8. Yay for sewing days! I understand your frustration at not having the bubble suit ready for his birthday ((hugs))

    I dream of having a sewing studio as well..... maybe if I win the lottery!

  9. What a fantastic idea to make the muslins into wipes, might just steal that!


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