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Knickers! on 365 Project

Today has been something of a wash out. I should have known really. I was far too organised last evening getting my machines set up for some sewing today. Ernest decided that last night he was going to wake up hourly, just enough to wake me up and then he'd settle for another hour.
Between 2 and 3am, I was up to pump, and then just as I sank back under the covers and closed my eyes Ernest woke again.
Thankfully we don't usually have too many nights like this, at least we haven't. I'm really hoping this isn't the sign of things to come.
Like most parents of small children I can cope with a certain level of sleep deprivation, but it doesn't take much more to push me over the edge.
Of course, I try to stay cheerful (actually Woody would wholeheartedly disagree with that statement today.),after all at least I have Ernest here to keep me awake. I'm all too aware of how it feels to be unable to sleep because your baby isn't waking you.
These knickers are pretty much the sum of my work today. Upcycled from a dress I never wore, and I want to give them away to one of my readers.
Do you know a baby girl these would suit? They would fit babies from around 3-6months, over a cloth or disposable nappy (though really it might have to be a slim fitting cloth nappy).
They would look adorable under a dress, even over tights for those of us heading into winter, but for my antipodean friends these can be simply teamed with a little t shirt and a love love chunky baby thighs and bare feet in the summer.
Just leave me a comment, tell me how you cope with lack of sleep...or if you do?
I'll use to pick a winner on Tuesday 30th August.

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  1. Hmmm, how do I cope with lack of sleep.... caffeine and chocolate mostly. Unfortunately, a tired Rae and a tired toddler are scarily similar. I'm not good when missing sleep.

    That said, a pair of baby knickers for my good friend who has just had her first baby would cheer me up!


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  3. My unborn says she can totally see these in her spring/summer '12 wardrobe.

    I cope by NEVER LOOKING AT THE CLOCK. If you don't see the time, it didn't happen.

  4. How do I cope with lack of sleep? I don't, really!
    I know just the baby girl these would be perfect for. I'm building up my wardrobe of clothes made exclusively by Jeanette!

  5. Due with my 1st in 3 weeks so I haven't had to really deal with hardcore sleep deprivation. So far with pregnancy (and neighbour) induced lack of sleep I've been trying to nap as much as possible.

    Those little knickers are so cute - and would be perfect for my spring baby :)

  6. My only way to cope with lack of sleep is to try to plan ahead a bit... when I know DH will be home, to try to get him to take the kids so I can grab a quick catnap, etc.

    Cute knickers! Both myself and a good friend are due next April (she with twins!)... odds are good there'll be at least one girl in the bunch. :)

  7. Was it a next dress? If my bum was smaller I would get all co-ordinated and want the knickers as I have the dress.....which I am now thinking of cutting up ;)

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  9. Maddie, yes! It was a Next Maternity maxi dress which I planned to waft about elegantly in, but I was so huge it just made me look ridiculous.
    I cut it into a skirt and saved the scraps.

  10. I just wanted to comment that I love the knickers, but I wouldn't want you to send them to the US, so don't count me.
    I love all that you sew & knit. Your family is so lucky! Little Ernest will straighten out his sleep patterns someday. Always thinking of your sweet Florence. xoxo

  11. Is it wrong that I want them for the baby girl I have not got??!!! And my SIL had a boy lol!


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