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I flippin hate DIY !
I hate decorating, but funds don't stretch to getting anyone in to do it, and Woody isn't that great with a paint brush, so any painting jobs are all mine.
Today I'm painting the kitchen. I was meant to start yesterday, but kept finding other things to do instead, like taking the big girls school uniform shopping...yes even that particular hell is preferable to picking up the paint brush!
I keep telling myself, it'll all be worth it once I'm finished. Meanwhile I'm gritting my teeth, muttering to myself and believe me, there is resentment in every brush stroke.

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  1. My first husband and now Duncan are a bit pants at DIY so like you its often left to me. I start of full of optimism but before I am even half way through I am thinking 'man, I am not even half way through'. lol
    My Mum paid a guy £800 to do some decorating for her before Christmas last year and he made a total mes of it. She had paid £200, then £400 and then £200 as they went along, hoping he would fix it at the end, but he didn't, and he didn't refund any money. So maybe we are better off doing it ourselves.

  2. Hi,

    I'm sure your kitchen will look lovely when you are done. Sorry you're not enjoying the process. I did have to smile at the contrast between the first picture, with all those peaceful, serene words on the paint can, and the actual feelings going along with the painting!

    And from your previous post, I loved seeing all the children around your table. I love when our home is filled with smiling friends and family. Such a blessing.

    Love Carlyn (TBW)

  3. You should have had a painting party! I love painting, I would have come to help!

    It will be fab when it is finished!

  4. Love the colour and I'd swap you any day of the week painting over uniform shopping {{shudder}}

  5. There's no way to bribe (enslave) the big kids to help you? I'm sure I complained horribly about having to help but it was good to know how to do this stuff when I was on my own.

    Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

  6. get some paint pads - so much nicer to paint with and much quicker than a brush but without the splatter of a roller :~)

  7. Love the color but oh do feel for you on loathing painting.... great picture though!

  8. Gah! But you have started. The end is on its way :)

  9. I have this to look forward to in the very near future. We have decided to move and the house desperately needs sprucing up before it goes on the market so I feel your pain! Although actually, I don't mind painting walls but I HATE stripping wallpaper and I loathe glossing woodwork - I'd rather uniform shop too.

  10. i hate painting too, i think you're flippin marvelous x anne harveys mum x i have a new blog at raisingdot.wordpress.com x

  11. How do you still look so good when you're 'just' painting ;)


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