Summer Rain

6:10 pm

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Last night after I lit all the candles in the garden for Florence, we sat and ate apple cake in the kitchen, well Sid was asleep and India was watching the candles from her bedroom, but the rest of us ate cake. Woody and I drank tea, and I was glad to have my family just there, just being, and watching the glow of the candles and whispering goodnight to Florence.
Then the rain came,hard heavy rain that snuffed out the candles, but that was ok.

Today we had a trip out to Buxton on the train, and the rain just kept on coming. This time cold,and relentless.
We huddled in the bandstand with a couple of rain ragged crows for company. (And M, I thought of you and of Henry.)
After a warm up in a cafe, hot chocolates and cream teas, we were ready to face the rain once more.
Woody treated me to some lovely polish pottery egg cups, and a little pottery rabbit for Florence. I didn't tell him it was for Florence, I didn't have to.

Yesterday I finished Ernest's bubble suit. I had hoped he could wear it today and we could get some summery shots in the Pavillion Gardens, but the rain meant instead he was wearing legwarmers with his short dungarees and snuggling into me to keep warm.
Maybe we'll get more sun this holiday, I hope so, but I don't much mind the rain either.

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  1. Thinking of you all, Jeanette. The suit is beautiful and I hope he gets some wear out of it.


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