kitchen nearly finished.

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We finally have a new kitchen, and it's even nearly finished.
I still need to paint the ceiling (booo hissss!), and we've yet to figure out what to do with the floor on no budget, but we have a working kitchen.
We had a very small budget to do the kitchen, and we've recycled the cabinets, the cooker, the door knobs,the tiles, and some hidden bits of wood, I can't think of the proper word for.
tile decals
These tile decals came from a lovely seller on Etsy. I thought 12 would be enough, but I think I might have to order some more.
I think mostly I'm pleased with the sink, it was the only thing I insisted on having, mostly because I wanted to bath Ernest in it, and hopefully my future grand children too.

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  1. Looks fab Jeanette.
    Have you thought of asking on Freecycle or Freegle for the flooring? If you haven't joined yet the only rule is you have to offer something first before you ask for anything (apologies if you already knew that) I got a full kitchen worth of cupboard doors and drawer fronts from our local one that someone was offering.

  2. It's looking good. You must be so pleased to have it back too! Hope you get the flooring sorted soon, mines still not done from last year lol!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. And I hate to tell you this...but you made it look easy & neat & tidy & all the things re-doing a kitchen isn't! What was it like for you, though, living through it?

    We love Freecycle, too. My husband got a commercial gas stove for free; it just doesn't fit in our kitchen yet. Maybe you have inspired us!

    Cathy in Missouri

  4. I agree with the Freecycle idea ...
    But it does look gorgeous. Highly enviable. Love the tiles. And Ernest :)

  5. love the tiles, and the mixer - lucjy you! Ernest looks adorable, you know we love the sink baths x

  6. Love your kitchen! The colors are so nice and I love that huge sink. Ernest, of course, is adorable!

  7. The tiles are brilliant, do you remember spirograph? (oh how I want a vintage set from Ebay lol). They remind me of spirograph a bit, a bit 60's too I think its the colour. The kitchen looks good though, really good. We move next weekend (yikes) and the kitchen is going to be one of the first projects, its a decient size but fairly horrible. Do you know the website Apartment Therapy? I have been trawling the house tours, its fab.

  8. Love the blue on the walls ... looks great. And Little One looks happy too xxxx

  9. It looks lovely! I love the tile decals (a lot nicer the the ones we used in our last house!)

  10. Sand the floorboards & varnish for now (might be a bit chilly through winter though) or lay a chipboard over it till you can finish it?
    Have you tried the local dump? Im a complete stig of the dump and have found so many things there! I can't believe what people throw out.

  11. Oh I love it! It looks gorgeous and inviting!

  12. what a big boy! It boggles me how it could have been 13 months already, sometimes I really yearn to stop, rewind and experience so many things again (and some never again, but that is another story). He is perfect, and so is the kitchen.

  13. Oooo how cute does Ernest look in the sink! I definitely want one of those when we get our kitchen re-done, probably just in time for the grandchildren!

    I love those tile decals too. Such a beautiful colour.

  14. The kitchen is absolutely lovely! And so is that beautiful baby sitting in the sink. :)

  15. That's a very 'wow' kitchen!

    ARe there before photos too?


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