A few randon thoughts on Mothers Day

2:16 pm

I remember my very first Mothers Day. India was almost a year old, and I didn't get a card or flowers or breakfast in bed. India was just too young to know and Woody was just clueless...despite me having made a fuss of Fathers Day and given him a framed print of India's foot on hand made (by me!) paper no less!
Over the years Mothers Day has been celebrated, forgotten, ignored. I learned long ago not to expect anything much unless I orchestrated the arrangements from a distance or just bought myself something. This goes for birthdays too. I don't mind, not one bit...I might have slight control issues.

 mothers day bird

Today, I received breakfast in bed, flowers, cards and a gift. My not so subtle hinting, and having teenage daughters who will chivvy things along how I like them helped.
This morning sat in bed sharing two croissants amongst six of us, children sprawled across my clean sheets dropping buttery crumbs, I couldn't help but think of the one that wasn't there. The difference is, that this year I didn't cry. Actually the difference is that this year I wanted to celebrate today.

I can't remember the first Mothers Day after Florence died, I know that on the second I just wanted it all to go away. Last year, India made me a video of Ernest set to music and I sobbed. This year though, I'm ok.


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  1. aww this is cute! The first is picture is adorable


  2. Mother's Day is one of those days which can rake up such a range of emotions for a lot of different reasons. I am glad you made it through this one with a smile. V xxx

  3. I'm glad you were ok this Mother's Day. I never have great expectations for today - I'm happy with the card the children made at school and a bit of a lie-in.
    I love your new tile - I'm already wondering how/when I can justify acquiring another.
    Your post made me smile because I was one of those teenage daughters that came in handy for taking in the dropped hints and producing presents for my Dad to give to Mum on birthdays and at Christmas. I have no idea how he manages now we're all grown up!

  4. What an amazing journey- little realizations like this are quite massive aren't they? <3

  5. Just now noticed the egg there on the mantel, hope it was a really good day for all of you. Loving the photos of the skirts above as well, all lovely!


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