One skirt becomes three skirts.

6:21 pm

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As part of my prize from the February Frockery Challenge, I chose a vintage Mary Quant riding skirt.
( I got lots of other goodies too, but I'll blog about those later.)


Sadly, despite being a size 12 it was too small for me. India tried it on, but it was way too long for her so I agreed to take it up so that she could wear it, which I did.



The skirt was so long though that I also managed to make myself and Eden skirts from the leftovers.
Mine is simple side zip A line with some trim for decoration.



Edens, has a front and back pleat, and side zip fastening.


edens skirt


Not bad going really I don't think. Apologies to anyone wincing at the idea of me cutting up a vintage skirt. It's not the first time I've done this and it wont be the last.

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  1. Aaaaargh yes I do go eek squeak at cutting up vintage but you have made a grand job of it .....


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