fifty two weeks of happy week twelve

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I usually try hard with these posts for them not to be about "stuff", sad truth is though that I do like shopping, and pretty things.
These are the fabby retro style goodies I bought today from Matalan of all places.
Thanks to Mary for pinning them and bringing them to my attention.
Canisters only £5 each and tray £4, total bargain. They have others in blue designs too.


Also, this week I bought a vintage Singer 327k from one of the local charity shops. Or rather I sent Eden off with my shopping trolley to buy it, as it is for her.
Unfortunately the charity shop had cut the wires, which now need replacing, but I thought we could take a gamble for the £20 the shop was asking.
It's certainly a very pretty machine.


I've been very glad of my beautiful plaid coat from The Frockery this week.The weather here has been cold, cold and more cold, with biting winds and snow flurries.
This coat was part of my prize for winning the February Frockery Challenge. I love it! The colours are gorgeous.
I do think the buttons may have been moved at some point, and it's a little loose, so I'm probably going to move the buttons back into their original position, I also need a lovely new scarf to go with it, I've tried several of mine, and none of them seem to be quite right.
Maybe I'll knit one in time for next winter.


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  1. Totally gorgeous coat, no wonder it makes you happy! The green lace scarf looks fab with it too. Will have to check out frockery as my wardrobe is seriously lacking!!

    Those retro cannisters and mugs, just love them ... i'm due a trip to matalan this week so will have to llok out for them.


  2. I went STRAIGHT onto the Matalan website, they are right up my street!

    Nice things can make us a little bit happy, it's allowed!!

    Bundana x

  3. No Matalan here,no cute canisters for me. :(
    I hope the sewing machine can be brought back to life.

  4. I saw the kitchen items on your FB page, I went to see if they had pink or yellow but they didnt, the green wouldn't go in my kitchen , but I really love them. V xxx


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