Kitchen Experiments

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This morning I baked and made play dough all before leaving for school...just call me supermum! (I'm kidding!)
I had help with the baking, it was really a joint effort. There was a pan of uneaten porridge on the table, and rather than waste it I pondered aloud if we could bake it into a kind of flapjack if we added dried fruit.
Eden thought we should try and stirred in some dates,apricots and raisins before spreading it onto a baking sheet.
Woody suggested cooking at a lowish setting (160 deg), and then both he and Eden went off to school and work.
Once browned and obviously cooked through (less wobbly) I took them out of the oven sliced and left them to cool while I took the boys to school.
We came home to fruity, not too sweet little treats. There was a little sugar in the porridge, but only a couple of teaspoons.
I'm not sure they were nice enough to make deliberately, but they were nice with a cup of tea and I hate wasted food.

bubble dough experiments

While the "flapjacks" were baking I decided to whip up another batch of bubble dough for the littlies to play with. This time I was a little more haphazard with my mixing and mixed in too much liquid soap. This made a lovely frothy, squidgy gloop and for a moment I considered leaving it like that, and I probably will make it like that again, but I decided to add more flour. This time though plain flour because I'd run out of cornflour.
The resulting dough was firmer than our last lot of bubble dough, and as it was played with it became more stretchy...maybe the gluten in the plain flour?
The little ones had a great time playing with it. I gave them combs, cotton reels and dolly pegs to press into the dough to make patterns.


This kept them both busy for a good hour.

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