Easter cards and more messy play.

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I was honestly a bit stuck for ideas for Easter cards this week. I'd been stocking up on Easter craft items for a few weeks. The little ones had painted plaster eggs, and decorated Easter bonnets, but I couldn't quite think of a suitable card design. This was very last minute. a feathery nest, some paper eggs and some buttons for decoration. Not bad for a last minute make I don't think.


With Easter crafts all complete, we turned our attention to messy play for the last day of this term.
Usually we have messy play at the dining table. I use lots of plastic sheets, and bowls, trays etc. The boys always enjoy it, but not as much as when we can spread out a bit.
Outdoor messy play is fun, but barely possible in the horrible cold weather we've been having lately.
So, I decided to improvise with the space we do have indoors, as I have before I covered my new sofas in old sheets, rolled back the lounge rug and covered the floor in plastic sheets and old towels.
Then I used a large cardboard box to pour paint in, gave the boys a few wooden balls and some cars, (after stripping them off down to t shirts and popping on aprons.)


Luckily I had a couple of willing teenage helpers, who actually I think enjoyed the experience as much as the toddlers!



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