fifty two weeks of happy week eleven

8:19 pm

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Wow, this week went by quickly!
Monday was the anniversary of my Dad's death. He's been gone now for 26 years, something I find hard to understand, it's such a long time.
Monday was also day trip day for Angus, he had a school outing to the local air raid shelters and had to dress like a 1940's child for the day. Poor boy was freezing, Monday was so cold, with blustery snow, and they had to walk there and back. (He was fortunately allowed to wear his modern coat.)

war time boy

I was really dissapointed not to be going too. The grown up helpers all got to dress up. I would've liked that!
I could've worn my new land girl sweater.

new sweater

Instead, I stayed home and admired my Mothers Day flowers.


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  1. Those skirts are amazing and I love your land girls sweater. Have you checked out the knitwear designer, kate davies? She has a beautiful paper dolls jumper pattern, you can find it on rav, it would look good on you!

    Can't get over your dark tresses, I had to do a double take, i've been so used to seeing you red!


  2. The flowers are lovely, hope I get something as nice for our Mother's Day in May.

    The vintage sweater contrasts so nicely with your teal hair. (and I agree with San that the skirts are amazing.)

  3. Beautiful flowers :) I am too big for a jumper like that, but it looks fab on you. I would have enjoyed the trip as well and broke out my Rosie Riveter headscarf lol.

  4. Love your sweater (and your flowers). I hope your memories of your Dad bring you some joy as well as the inevitable sadness. x

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