Busy Busy Day

5:06 pm

Altered Blouse, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've had a very busy sewing day today. Firstly I was working on a custom order,then I altered the wrap blouse I made the other day to be more flattering. I added darts and used the belt to make ties at the side. You'll have to just believe me that it looks better on than it did,because I might break the camera if I take a photo of myself today.
Then I made another lunchbag,this time for India and using fleece as an insulating layer. I used fleece simply because I have rather a lot of it,and India is pleased with it. I think it's a touch too bulky,and prefer the one I made me with heavyweight interfacing.Though I might buy some insul brite if I make any more.
I am pondering adding a tutorial for the lunch bags to the blog if anyone is interested? I took pics today as I went along,so I could add one tomorrow.



I also finally got to grips with the rolled hem on my overlocker and ran up some napkins and some hankies. I used some Indian cotton fat quarters I've had in my stash for some time.



Phew! That's it for today.

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  1. Lovely lunchbag - lucky girl!!

  2. Yes please, tutorial please!!!

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    Oh, very beautiful lunch bags - yes, please leave tutorials and pictures :-) Thanks!

  4. The lunchbags are fab. Nevermind a tutorial how about some in the Etsy store ;~)

  5. Tutorial is up! Sadly Hannah,I think it'd be a bit naughty to start selling these since I was inspired by something very similar on Etsy. Maybe I should adapt the design a little more....

  6. minor detail ;~)

    there'll be spare fabric from what I've sent to make my pod [whistle] :~D


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