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tuppence a bag..
I had that song in my head the whole time I was sewing up this lunchbag for me.
This time I used these gorgeous fabrics from Cicada Studio,and made a co ordinating napkin.

Tuppence A Bag

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  1. What have you lined it with Jeanette? They look lovely, but Imogen has a habit of half eating her yoghurt and coming back with the rest all over the lunchbox - so one you can sponge out is much more practical - but these are so much nicer than shop bought ones... (ps kitchen looks fab!)

  2. Jeanette you are so clever. I love reading your blog. *all* the things you make are soooooo lovely. I wish I was even half as talented as you ;)

  3. Cybele, I used heavyweight calico,but for a messy lunch box something like PUL or oilcloth would be better.
    And Sarah, thank you for your kind comments,coming from you they mean a lot,and I'm blushing!


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