An Unfinished Watercolour

7:12 pm

An unfinished watercolour, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've hung on to this painting for some time,it's unfinished,and a bit of a muddle,but there are elements I still like,so today I had a play,and came up with a few ideas.
Really a work in progress,but here's what I've been up to today.

Florals printed on felt and silk:

felt and silk

I think I'm going to hand embroider/stitch some detail into the felt ones,maybe keep them in embroidery hoops. Not sure yet.

I got a couple of repeat patterns finished.

Little pink floral 1

Little pink floral 2

And I had a play printing these on paper,handmade paper,silk and cotton.

paper,handmade paper,silk,cotton

Apologies for the quality of the pics,the light was fading fast when I took them.

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  1. Oh my God, this is so pretty!
    How I would like to be able to paint anything myself and look pretty!; lol...

  2. Thank you Celia, that's very sweet of you.


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