My first giveaway!

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This pod ( well it's twin to be absolutely correct ) was featured at this years Summer Sling Show,fashion show. I was rather surprised to have it returned to me this week,I had thought it might be raffled at the show,but anyway their loss is my readers gain cos I'm giving it away!
Now this could be scary,I might have such a teeny tiny response to this give away that I'll have to go and cry in a dark corner of my work space.
The pod is a standard size Zidee,the blanket is made with gorgeous japanese cotton reversing to pewter dupion silk.The straps and headrest are aubergine corduroy,and I'll stitch on one of my lovely new labels before I ship it off to the lucky winner.
So, leave me a comment,and tell me what made you smile today.
I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner,unless there's only two of you then I'll do eeny meeny ...
I'll draw the winner next Friday 29th August .

ETA: I forgot to say what made me smile today; it was seeing the latest video from spoonflower on their blog,that dancing made me smile.

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  1. This made me smile today ...
    .. a photograph of my daughter, Brynn eating some home made ice lollies. She has always been a messy eater, much to the annoyance of my Mother. But my husband and I don't care ... Brynn's happy :) I had asked her to smile for the camera and that was the face I got!!
    (PS - I still use pod's for her)

  2. This made me smile...

    My first son has been going through his old clothes saved for his brother. He squeezed into a jumper he wore 2 years ago and was very happy to exclaim that "it still fits"

  3. This made me smile today....

    Joseph crawling in to my bed and asking me to join him for a cuddle ;)

  4. Joe let me carry him on my back today :-) It was great to have him snuggle in after so long!

  5. I watched a chick flick for the first time in ages, 'In her shoes' starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Colette. It made me smile and realise how lucky I am to have a beautiful, bonkers and unique sister. All smiles for sisters! xx

  6. Look at that, comment number six already!
    Today I had to smile at Nils making an 'Olympic breakfast': slices of banana, with banana skin in the middle to represent the oval athletics track, and a plum on top, surrounded by some cornflakes.
    (I have no need for a pod, but have a colleague who's due in October, thought she might like it...)

  7. Here are just a few things, I am sure there are more. Waking up to DD's smiling face. watching DD signing along to radio gaga on utube. DH sending me a text thanking me for a lovely packed lunch. Hearing myself being called Aunty Rachel by my friend's son for the first time.

  8. It's been a day of smiles...going to the Children's Museum at Sudbury Hall, reading a letter a Daddy wrote to his little girls when he was away in WW2, hugging my DH and our little girls and feeling so, so blessed that we are all safe, well and together.....watching my little girls playing. Also having Phoebe close to me and being able to go where pushchairs cannot thanks to her gorgeous birthday pod!

  9. Ooooh.....

    Probably not what you meant, though I'd pay the overseas shipping ;)

  10. Oh, what made me smile today, sorry I forgot that part.

    Definitely my almost-6-month old chewing on a toy sheep as if her life depended on it. Mutton for dinner!

  11. Are they suitable for newborns hun? If so ... me! me! me! What made me smile today was DS James talking to a robot at Eureka today - on my blog :)

  12. Seeing 3 year old Jack running around in nothing but a pink Barbie crown and Thomas pants and carrying "his" handbag.


  13. I can tell you what made me cry today: thinking hard of what made me smile today and being unable to come up with something ...

    You have made me realise I should be thankful that we are all well and safe, and my family is adorable.

    I hope I still qualify for the draw.

  14. Seeing my Mum and brother together in his house today made me smile :) She's not been in a looong time. But all is well and we were all together!

  15. We're currently having decking laid and so far there's only the frame down. To get to the garden it means a 15m balance on the frame or for my dog putting a paw in the squares of the frame. So today I was treated to the sight of a black Labrador seeing a cat in the garden and instead of his usual sprint he had to execute a delicate manoeuver stepping through the frame. It looked like doing the tyre run on an assault course. Needless to say the cat was long gone by the time he got there.

  16. Oh my goodness! Look at all these comments!
    Jenga, yes you can use a pod with a newborn,but there are more suitable slings.Come along to a slingmeet and we'll sort you out with one from the library. Or just knock on my door next time you are passing.
    Souad, oh honey I didn't want to make you cry.
    Hannah, lol at the thought of your dog!
    Thanks everyone,all these comments have made me smile today. ;0)

  17. My husband made me smile today, as he often do simply by being his usual self :)

  18. My 5 week old daughter made me smile today when she dived down onto her daddy's chest looking for a nipple. She's finally properly breastfeeding after having been cup fed expressed milk because of problems with sucking related to tongue tie and being a month early, so it was a huge ear to ear smile :D

  19. Esme(3)on a pony for the first time. She was so fearless, confident and happy. She proclaimed "I'd like to live with ponies in *this* country". (We were up at Mum's in Rossendale). When she was given a rosette she was bursting with delight: she is sleeping with it now. I am almost crying thinking of her sweet little face. Pure joy.

    Sarah X

  20. had a day of smiles - 2 in particualr, but on balance it has to be Poppys (3) face when the piece of yummy chocolate popped into her mouth by daddy at the chilli festival, turned out to have quite a kick - then watching her tapping her throat and coughing in a strange manic kind of way just before downing a pint of juice!

  21. I put Kyle down on the grass while I was turning his seat around in the car (Finally front facing yay!!) he managed to get himself to the otherside of the yard got ahold of the sprinkler, put his mouth over it then screamed with delight as he got soaked in the water.

  22. That Pod is lush... hope I'm not too late!
    What made me smile today.... was doing the cha cha slide around the living room with my 3 kids, during their 'back to school' party!

  23. My little Lex (8mths) almost managing to grab a bite of my bun on the way from my lap to my mouth ;-)

  24. What a generous competition.

    Nancy choosing what to have her face painted as at a library fun day. She asked to be a 'Blue cat, please', which attracted some odd looks, but is an improvement from the last time (her first experience with face painting) when she insisted on doing her own face. Looking forward to the teen years!


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