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5:51 pm

matching cuff and headband, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Fabric cuffs are cool amongst my daughters friends! Who knew? This matching cuff and headband are a gift for India's friend who is having a summer party tomorrow. India went off to another friends this morning leaving me instructions to make them in time for tomorrow. Not as easy as it sounds since I've been fighting a losing battle with some nasties and a fever for the past two days.
Since I was at the sewing machine anyway,and Eden was so helpful today (she sorted out my buttons,trims and elastic boxes.) I whipped one up for her too.
froggy fabric cuff

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  1. what a cool idea, I am loving the wristband and matching headband - lovely use of label!

  2. I like that idea too, think I'm gonna have to have a go!


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