More Spoonflowering

7:31 am

Stems repeat 2, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I think I may be addicted to Spoonflower. I just ordered a yard of this design. It's a large print,the flower heads are about 3 1/2 " across.
I really ordered a yard to see how it works before I do some more work with this theme,but if it works out I'm thinking it might become part of a winter bag.

Oh and on the subject of spoonflower check out Petchy's blog. She's got a freebie design to download and get spoonflowered,and is thinking of selling designs in the future too.

I've been super busy this weekend trying to finish decorating my kitchen,I've painted the walls,and half of the cupboards...need to buy more paint today. Though first we are off to a maize maze with the children,I think we'll need wellies and raincoats!
Pics to follow.

PS, don't forget my Zidee Podeagi giveaway.

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