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3:31 pm

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Not so exciting this time. I've finally got around to listing the XS and S nappies for sale in my store,but these two have slight faults on them.
The seahorse print nappy is size medium,100% cotton outer,and 100% cotton velour lining with 100% hemp fleece soaker layers. Snap fastening. Only problem is I forgot to add the back waist elastic,so I've added a couple of extra snaps at the front,and it will work just fine.
The ABC nappy is size XS,perfect for a little newborn or for a baby doll. 100% cotton outer,100% cotton velour lining and 100% hemp fleece soaker layers. Snap fastening. This one has a slight stitching fault.
So,if you'd like these nappies just leave me a comment,tell me what your fave saturday afternoon activity is,and using I'll pick a winner on Monday at 6pm.
My fave Saturday afternoon activity is curling up on the sofa and watching a jolly good old movie. I don't get to do that too often,but today I'm making an exception and going to watch "Move Over Darling" with the lovely Doris Day.

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  1. My fave Saturday afternoon activity is watching our chickens cluck aound their new pen - only done it once, but it was lovely!

  2. My favourite Saturday afternoon activity is spending time with the kids without feeling the pressure of having to get supper ready, bath and bedtimes as there is during the week. As I don't get to spend much time with them during weekends, those times are quite precious.

  3. My favourite saturday afternoon activity is walking with DH and the children in our nearby woods, when there's no-one else around.


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