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Really not sure about this. DH says it looks nicer in real life,and with my head on. I'm just not sure..
The pattern is from Burdastyle, the lovely Kim from Spoonflower sent me the link after I admired the blouse she made from the pattern.
Wrap styles usually flatter my curvy figure,but this is slightly different in that it has a seperate tie belt.
I dunno, "sack o'spuds tied in the middle" springs to mind...

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  1. I see what you mean about the belt, can it not be tied lower or does it ride up? Maybe put loops in? I think that might help it be like the more usual wrap tops/dresses.

  2. I really like it! Want one! Maybe use a proper belt around the waist to add a plain break in the fabric? I so need to sew..'jealous' xxx

  3. I thought maybe an Obi type belt might look nice,but I think I'm gonna just have a play with some darts and refitting. ;0)


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