New lunchbag

4:19 pm

New lunchbag, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I spotted the cutest fabric lunch bags on Etsy earlier,and as Eden's current lunch bag is full of holes,I thought I'd have a go at making her a similar one. This took only 30 mins to run up including the time we spent choosing the fabrics.


I've used Japanese cotton lined with heavyweight calico. I haven't insulated this one,but might make a slightly larger one for India with a stabiliser/insulating layer.


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  1. YOur kids are so lucky - so cute :)

    Love the new top for you too x

  2. I love that fabric!

    I got some insul-brite from here:-

    I don't know how effective it is yet as I haven't got round to making a lunch bag with it yet, that's on my to do list LOL!

  3. Thanks for the link Mary,very useful!


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