All Lined Up

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All Lined Up, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've been bootie knitting.
First Picot Trim Booties, from a pattern in Quick Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss. I used some sock yarn I happened to have in my stash. Love these, and have put them in my hospital bag.
Picot Trim Booties

Next Saartje Booties, knitted in Jacobs sheep yarn. I posted a pic of these the other day,but a couple of people asked for the link to the pattern,so here it is.
Saartje booties

And lastly, some simple garter stitch booties, pattern from Quick Baby Knits again, and using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
Simple Booties

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  1. Baby boy is going to have some damn fine looking feet.
    All just too cute.
    And damn, that is going to be one full hospital bag.

  2. The first ones are my favourites but they are all cute!

  3. They are so unbelievably cute!

  4. I adore the first ones - they would make good adult slippers too!

  5. I tried my hand at booties, and failed miserably, so I'm glad to see how adorable yours turned out. They will be fabulous for his little toes.

  6. they are adorable - but you are making it hard to think of what to make for your baby - you've already done everything :) I'm sure he won't mind more than one of anything though :)

  7. Just gorgeous Jeanette. You have inspired me to get back on with knitting again - and im finding it strangely therapeutic actually! Determined to finish the half completled cardigan I started for M at christmas and just started some baby booties for tiniest girl. I do find myself wondering if she will wear them....
    Your baby boy will be SO well dressed!
    Nim (Nimpin from CN) Xxx

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