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What seems like forever after it's US release, Anna Maria Horners new book arrived today. I've had this on pre order forever.
Owning this book means more to me than it probably should, for reasons I can't quite make sense of myself, other than I am so grateful to get a chance to make some of the items in the book for baby boy, and so sad that I never got to make any for Florence as I'd imagined , knowing the book was being put together last year.
Anna shared the introduction to this book on her blog a little while back, and she describes so perfectly how lovely it is to prepare for a new baby by making.
I don't regret one second of all the making and preparing I did for Florence, and I know the making I've done during this pregnancy has kept me sane, or at least on a fairly even keel, sometimes...

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  1. What lovely writing she has written about herself, her family and the book. I WISH I had made time to make for Tobias whilst pregnant but I was so busy that my creative juices were pushed in other directions. Now The things that I was busy with have just finished and although I am about to start another venture I'm desperate to make for him. But then I never got the chance to make a quilt for Brynn either or any of the things in my 'Little Stitches for little ones' book. My MIL has sent us about 10 in various shapes and sizes(no kidding!!!) so I never saw the point of adding to the stash! I made Brynn and toy owl once and she was excited at first but then it went in her box along with all the other stuffed toys and never got played with.
    But with Tobias I know he will probably be my last child and I am incredibly sad inside that I won't get to do this again.. the baby thing. (Not told anyone quite how sad).
    I smell his head and know that one day it won't smell of baby and he won't have his hand on my breast anymore when he feeds as he'll be off busy doing other things and be too big to wear (and often at my 5am feeds I think about how grateful I am to have him as I never thought I would). I need to make him something. So when I go shopping for 'that' fabric I'll get extra and I am going to make him a quilt.
    Thank you for reminding me to take the time and 'smell the roses' or in this case, my babies boys head (sorry .. didn't mean to go on so long).
    What age of child does the book go up to.. just out of interest?

  2. I don't regret anything I did in preparation for Hope either. Because really, that was all I got to do for her, as her mother.

  3. I guess the things we prepared are heirlooms, just not the way we thought. Sending you love. (((Hugs)))

  4. I think that it is beautiful to create for the ones we love. that is never something that should be regretted.


  5. I totally understand a book making you happy. But in this case, it sounds like it's connected with Florence. You read about it while you were pregnant with her and now it's somehow associated with her in your mind. Memories are funny like that, aren't they? I hope you make all the things you wanted to make and based on all of your other work, it will be BEAUTIFUL. I really admire what you do. It's always just beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Jeanette,
    Would you like to write a review of this book for ?
    Here's one of our books reviews to give you an idea... If not.. if it's too personal then don't worry. xx


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