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Baby boy is due exactly two weeks after Florence was born,so many events,birthdays,holidays,etc are running parallel and sometimes it's really hard.
Today was Sports day for Sid. Thankfully, the venue had changed,I really don't think I could've gone had it been held as usual in the vicarage garden, too many memories of excited conversations looking forward to birthing Florence.
This morning I found a spot to put down my picnic rug and sat quietly waiting for the children to arrive, and yes trying really hard not to cry. I watched babies that were born last summer crawl off with tired parents chasing after them, and couldn't imagine Florence ten months old and doing the same.
Just when I thought I might leave early a friendly voice said "there you are". A lovely friend came and sat with me, and we chatted, and despite still feeling kinda shakey inside I knew with her there I could stay.
Only two more sports days this week, maybe now I've done one,I'll cope better at the next two.

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  1. So hard with your pregnancies so close in dates, one year apart.
    I'm thinking of you. And baby boy. And Florence.

  2. 2 weeks apart. wow. what an emotional rollercoaster that month will be. will you go into labor naturaly? or be induced? i know i am bring induced with this one, one to two weeks early.

  3. Liz, I think I'm going to be induced sometime shortly after Florence's birthday. I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow and hoping he'll give me a date. These last weeks are so difficult.x

  4. Thinking of you allxxx

  5. thinking of you xxx

  6. will be thinking of you xx

  7. Anonymous1:39 am

    (((Hugs))) thinking of you.

  8. Hugs Jeanette. Wil be thinking of you tomorrow xxx

  9. Jeanette, I know that feeling, of being somewhere where you were once happy, where you remember thinking happy things but now it just feels wrong and somehow panic inducing to be there -- it's just not fair, not at all. I'm so excited for you that you're not waiting until 40 weeks, I think our babies will be born within days of eachother -- we're scheduled for July 20th, and sounds like you are sure to follow within days. thank God is all I have to say! let it be over already...


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