Little Seedlings Wool Soaker

7:59 am

Little Seedlings Wool Soaker, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Finished this little soaker last night with the left over yarn from the Milo Vest.
I used the Little Seedlings pattern, which knitted up very easily and very quickly. I do think it's very cute, but I know despite having knitted the size small (10-16lbs) it's never going to fit baby boy, at least not over any of his fitted cloth nappies. I might get away with a muslin, but I think it's more likely I'll use it over a disposable, just to look pretty. (We are taking disposable nappies to hospital)
I'll probably knit this up again in a larger size, and possibly add more to the rise.
Meanwhile, I justsorted through my modest yarn stash and found just enough (I hope) of some Jacobs Sheep yarn to knit the pebble vest. So that really is next on my list.

(Oh and yeah, the colour is a bit off in this pic, the light in here today is very bright, but it seems blocking some of it out has made everything a bit yellow.)

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  1. Love a clothy-bummed bub. Angus is one. I have been wanting some good wool covers, especially for night. This one is particularly lovely (but of course, because you made it!)

  2. You do such beautiful work, and you make your projects so quickly! The buttons look great. Even if the cover is small for everyday use, it will be adorable for newborn pictures. And it will be so soft for his newborn skin.

    I've been using sposies at night, as my cloths and covers leak overnight. I'm thinking of getting a good diaper with a wool cover. My daughter is begging me that we should learn to knit...your projects sure give me good incentive!

  3. Jeanette the wrap and vest are beautiful, they look so soft and snuggly and so much love has gone into them. Lucky baby boy having such a wonderful talented mummy to make such beautiful things for him xxx

  4. love love love this (and seriously want


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