All Very Strange

11:54 am

Yesterday I had my booking in appointment with one of the lovely midwives I know. All was well, and the masses of form filling wasn't too upsetting, even when there wasn't a tick box for Florence's cause of death so we had to tick Sudden Unexplained Infant Death
I hadn't been worried about the appointment, I know my midwives well, and trust them.
I obviously underestimated my feelings though, because on my way home from school with the littlies, I suddenly started to feel a little dizzy, confused and well kinda panicky. I made it home, sat down and phoned Woody who headed home straight away.
India made me some toast, said she'd watch the little ones and I went to lie down, but was very confused and befuddled and crying.
Somewhere in all that confusion though I realised all I'd had to drink all day was a couple of sips of black weak tea at my friends house in the morning. I was clearly dehydrated and suffering for it.
I still feel a little weird today,but I'm trying hard to drink more, which for some reason, with this nausea is harder than eating.
You know, just when I think I might be coping ok, I realise I'm not...except I am.

Oh, and can you believe that the reason my midwife has me down for "shared care" is because this is my sixth baby and not because Florence died?

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  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Does "shared care" mean that there will be another midwife next to the first one when you give birth?
    Are you upset because she sees the reason for this in it being your 6th baby? You shouldn't be - after all she realises that Florence died just because she did - and not because it was anybody's "fault". So - she just put down a normal reason - a 6ht baby isn't so common after all ;-)

    Hope you'll be better soon!

  2. Oh no, it must've been stressful...hunger, thirst and nausea mixed with a dose of anxiety is not a good mix, hugs. Ice might help you have more fluids without actually drinking, lollies, ice cubes it helps with the nausea as it numbs that sicky sensation in the mouth. xxx

  3. Tulip, sorry, I forget readers outside the UK might not know what "shared care" means. It means I get most of my ante natal care in the community from the midwives, but will also see a consultant obstetrician for part of my care.
    Not something I've ever experienced before.

    Thanks Fiona, yes ice lollies do help, good tip.

  4. do you like melons? watery fruits can also be a wonderful source of fluids (when drinking is not appealing) the blood sugar boost. Keep being gentle with is all one day at a time. You are doing beautifully just being you and that's all you can do.
    love and light

  5. Oof. It's so bloody hard, Jeanette.

    And no, I can't believe that re:shared care, how very odd. I mean, I would completely get it if it were related to Florence's death (we had full OB care for my pregnancy with Moe, because Iris died in utero) but because this baby is your 6th? Weird. What was their rationale?


  6. I had to have shared care for 2nd and 3rd boys - it's not so bad hun. Hope you are feeling better x

  7. Jess, I don't get it either. I'm ok with shared care or even full Ob care tbh, I just thought the reasoning was a little strange.

    Thanks for all the tips for getting fluids into me guys.x

  8. Sounds odd to me, too. I saw an ob for my pregnancy with Angus, when for Hope I just saw a team of midwives. It was because I was now considered high risk, which didn't sit all that well with me as Hope's death was just like lightning and there was no increased risk it could happen again. Really, I think we are all high risk as it can happen to any one of us. I was just so stupidly unlucky, as were you.
    I wish our girls were here.


  9. hi jeanette, i think the shared care thing just means shared between primary care ie the GP and secondary care, ie the hospital/consultants, and hopefully for you and your family it means you will maybe receive a better 'package' of care. I'm sending my caring thoughts to you and hoping you will be feeling a bit better soon and the nausea will soon be subsiding. lots of drinks for you my girl x x x

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon. xx


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