Fairy Tales

9:16 am

The little princess sleeps.
She is delicate, porcelain.
Rosy cheeks,
Icy fingers.

Tiny toes wrapped in cashmere.
Silver grey bonnet worn like a pixie.
The dove from her gown takes flight.

The king and queen stand by.
The candlelight flickers.
Hand in hand.


Sometimes it seems Florence is a character in a fairy tale. The beautiful perfect little girl with the prettiest name. She belongs in a land of magic, of dragons, and goblins and fairies dancing in the flowers.A land with happy endings.

The truth is far more brutal, stark and terrifying.

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  1. Thinking of you and sending hugs. Hope you are sleeping ok and the nausea has settled.
    San xx

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful .. x

  3. such pure beauty and pure emotion. Thank you for feeling safe to share your beautiful feelings in this space.

    Sending love and light.

  4. That's so beautifully written. And what a wonderful world for Florence to be in.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog. Have a look for more details. I hope you don't mind.



  5. The truth IS indeed so much more brutal for us, their parents. I hope, that whatever our babies are experiencing now, it is as exquisite as you describe. It will never make it okay or right that Emma is not in my arms but I have to believe that somewhere she is happy.

  6. I think that is a beautiful way to think of Florence. Beautifully written! xo

  7. this post brought such tears to my eyes.

  8. Anonymous5:06 pm

    so beautiful xxx


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