Sunshine Blog Award

12:03 pm


Much to my surprise I received this Sunshine Blog Award from Skippedydoodah
and I'd just like to say thank you. There's not much sunshine here,but I'm glad to receive the award just the same.

Now, the bit I hate is that I'm meant to nominate 12 other bloggers for the same award, and while there are plenty of blogs out there that do bring sunshine into my life every day, I always feel a little strange picking them out and talking about them. I don't know why I do, it's silly really,but I'm going to just quietly list some of my fave blogs, and hope they'll be happy to be nominated.

Slugs On The Refridgerator A beautiful, tender, loving blog of a crafty Mummy who loves her family.

Sooziebee I love to pop in on this blog to see her drawings, especially at the moment when she's experimenting with drawing, all very interesting.

Motherland Not a prolific blogger, but when she writes it's worth reading.

Red Fish Circle I love Amy's style, I love her work, and her insight into the beautiful things around her. She has a calm artistic manner I admire.

Eeek, that's only four, let me think on this some more.....

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. Congrats on your award! : )

  2. why, congrats on your award and thanks for mine, I'm sending you some sunshine right back, and hope you are having a good week!!

  3. ooh thank you!!!

    You deserve every aware you get, missus!

  4. No problem :)

    You're clearly a wonderfully lovely person and you deserve it.


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