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I've lived in Manchester now for over twenty years, and I can only ever remember it snowing this much one year way back when I was a student, maybe 1989?
The children are all off school due to a combination of snow bound teachers and broken school boilers.
The snow might look pretty, but there is a thick layer of ice just under the surface and it's not safe to go out. I'm certainly not brave enough to drive in this, and anyway Woody has taken my car to work because it's warmer than his.
Florence's grave is covered in a thick layer of ice and snow, flowers are dying in less than a day, and really I was quite sad on Sunday to see her grave looking so grey and empty. Sid cried because the snow globe he chose for her had cracked in the frost.
All in all, this constant snow just adds to my feelings of limbo right now. I have a tiny shiny glimmer of hope trying to tickle it's way out,but the heavy cold limbo is forcing it back down.
Come on Spring! We need you!

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  1. We are all snowed in too! We never have snow this deep!

    I hope you can cling onto that tiny glimmer of hope.


  2. Hold on to the glimmer, it will bloom eventually ((((HUGS)))

    The snow here in N Yorks is more than I've seen for a long time too, pretty but impossible to travel much which I have to confess is quite nice. For you though I hope the spring is quick to arrive and is warm, bright and sunny.
    K xxxx

  3. What about some felt flowers for Florence? Something bright for the dull days.
    No snow here yet, but forecasted: as you say the snow is fine but the ice leaves us stranded too. We live on the top of many hills, the perks of living in the Chilterns! Fingers crossed for at least one day of sledging before the ice sweeps in.

  4. Yes, I think some kind of fabric flowers might be an idea, jut got to find some I like.

  5. Sending you some warmth from here xxx

  6. hear hear!!come on spring and the new year afresh! keep clinging, Jeanette xxx big love n kisses coming to you across the snow from our household. we too are stuck inside. never seen snow like this!


    these would look really cheery and last


  8. How about knitted flowers? I just googled it and there are loads of free patterns, some of them look pretty good. I'm knitting a cardigan at the moment but could be persuaded to do flowers if wanted....

  9. Here's the poem Harry wrote today... I thought you might like it.


    Soft snow,
    Forming blankets
    A winter wonderland.
    Exquisite, snow-laden trees.

    Howling, screaming
    Swords lashing our faces
    Earth, water, air, all is frozen
    Where’s spring?


  10. LOL, thank you for the flower suggestions! I do think fake flowers are probably best when they are fantasy like flowers rather than realistic, so I will be looking into that!

    And Liz, I love love love Harry's poem, it's fabulous. Please tell him how much I enjoyed it.

  11. Snow here too and ice, our road is like a skating rink!!
    So sad about the snow globe and flowers. What a brill idea the suggestion of fabric flowers, hope you manage to make some.
    Hugs San xx

  12. The handcrafted flowers are brilliant suggestions. Something to do as you all stay warm inside. Thinking of you thinking about Florence with a heavy heart my friend. And poor Sid's glass globe for his sister cracking is so sad.(((Hugs))) I am sending you warm thoughts from non-rainy (today - that's rare at this time of year of course) and green British Columbia. xo

  13. Hand crafted flowers are a brilliant idea. I like the idea of them being bright and colourful and exotic! Something that you'd only find in a magical fantasy land.

    Why don't you ask the kids to draw some mad exotic ones and translate them to knit?

    Hoping the spring brings you the hope you need.

  14. New to your blog and the story of your beautiful girl Florence, but I couldn't leave without letting you know i'll carry her story with me in my heart. Such a glorious babe, I'm sorry she's not with you.

    Much love....

  15. I know that limbo feeling you are talking about, and how hard it is when our little ones are covered beneath the ice and snow.

    Sending you warm thoughts to tied you over till spring, and as always, remembering your sweet Florence with you.


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