Another Ring Sling

5:03 pm

Another Ring Sling, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

We don't exactly have anywhere to store things for the new baby yet. I have a cupboard I'm intending to renovate,but at the moment that's drying out after being in storage in our cellar for some time.
Meanwhile there is a growing pile of baby items stored right at the back of our wardrobe cubby in the loft. It's really difficult to get to, especially if like me you have a sizeable bump. Consequently I'm not exactly sure what we have down there, but I do know there is a lot, and I also know the pile of slings is really rather large.
Still, I couldn't resist making one more ring sling. This time in grey linen with my Spoonflower Dahlia print and teal silk as an accent.
I had planned to make an Asymetric wrap skirt with the grey linen and Dahlia print, heavily inspired by the skirts over at Ink and Spindle , and I may still, but probably not until after the baby is here and I have some idea of what size I'll be...scary thought!

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