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Saturdays are usually my only full work day. Woody is home, so can take care of the children while I have the luxury of a full day working on custom orders. The rest of the week, like so many other Mums working from home and combining work with childcare, work is done in little bursts of available time, between school runs, dirty nappies and play times.
Today though, I only have one custom order to complete and that's me done for the next few months. My expanding bump has made me come to a decision regarding maternity leave. So no more custom orders for me, and the only remaining stock is in my Etsy shop until May 23rd, and that's it, until...well the beauty of working for yourself is, I don't know until when...until I'm ready.
For now, it's time to focus on the last 12 weeks or so of being pregnant and the arrival of our fifth baby.
Doesn't mean I wont be sewing at all though, still got lots of projects on the go, not least a wedding dress for someone very special...more news on that later.

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  1. It's lovely to tuck the work away and concentrate on growing baby and preparing to meet them. Have a lovely maternity leave time.
    I'm counting down the next five weeks until mine starts....

  2. Quite right, get your feet up! ;) X

  3. Yay! Good for you! Have fun


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