Nappies for less than £1

4:49 pm

99p nappies, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Yesterday while picking up some sewing thread in Dunelm Mill, I spotted a pile of totally naff Easter hand towels on sale, only 99p each. I popped a couple in my basket thinking I'd find a use for them, and here ya go, two newborn nappies, less than £1 each, plus I squeezed some cloth make up remover pads out of the scraps. (plus another teeny scrap of cotton from my scraps box.)

make up remover pads

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  1. Great use of towels and I love the make-up remover pads!

  2. what a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!I thought the little makeup remover pads were breast pads for leaky milk at first!

  3. LOL, well the make up remover pads are the exact same size and shape as my home made breast pads,but only one layer of terry, one of pretty cotton. ;0)

  4. Love the nappies. Feeling guilty now as I keep putting off making ours. Best get going with only 9 weeks to go!
    Best wishes.


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