Spring Freshness

1:24 pm

Simple window dressing, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I love Spring, today is my first spring baby's birthday. I'm now the mother of a teenager!
Now she's a teenager of course, she doesn't much want to spend the day with me, so is out with a crowd of giggly girls, and I'm left at home doing a spot more spring cleaning.
This time the bathrooms needed an overhaul. The less said about the children's bathroom, the better. Lets just say a strong stomach and a lot of cleaning fluids have been used!
Our bathroom, on the other hand just needed a little spit and polish, some fresh flowers and this pretty new faux blind/pelmet I whipped up out of some gorgeous Cicada Studio fabric.
I actually won this piece of Lily Of The Valley fabric after entering one of Michelle Engel Bencsko's blog give aways some time ago. Such a fresh and pretty fabric too. I'm very tempted to buy a little more for a drip mat, and perhaps a toiletry bag or two....hmmm, I guess now I'm the mother of a teenager that's excuse enough to buy myself new fabrics isn't it? (Who am I kidding, I don't need an excuse! )

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  1. Oh happy birthday to your new teen.
    I am a mama to a teen five times over lol. It definitely brings it's new challenges! Although one has past her teens already......
    Gosh, I'm giving away how old I'm getting!

  2. Happy belated birthday to her! I felt really strange when Im turned 10 the other day, suddenly in double figures. I don't want to think about her turning 13 yet! (having said that, she's great fun to be with)


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