Hormonal Preggo Woman!

10:55 am

Another maternity skirt, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Boy oh boy, have I woken up in a bad mood this morning! Guess I can just blame those preggo hormones?
I've had a weird old morning, and tried distracting myself out of a bad mood firstly by doing a bit of knitting, then a bit of cupboard painting and finally by whipping up another maternity skirt.
This one is a fuller skirt, I slashed and spread my pattern piece before cutting out, and also experimented with cutting on the straight grain...(since the slashing and spreading gave me a little more room in the "waist" to play with too.)
I like the way this has turned out. I plan to wear it with my lovely yellow shoes, and am pondering making a matching bag, but maybe that would be too much?
Not sure I even have a t shirt that will go, I like these....maybe I need a bit of retail therapy to shake off this grey cloud.....

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  1. Another great skirt! I can't wait to see it with the yellow shoes!

    Sorry you are having a bad day :-( I think we all have days like that. I hope yours gets better! (Retail therapy always helps! LOL)

  2. Lovely! I think a matching bag would be cool! LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes, I want them! Hope the cloud has lifted


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