A little bit of nesting

11:57 am

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Just a little bit of nesting, I've a way to go yet before I start getting truly nesty.
This cupboard was given to me by a very dear friend several years ago. She sadly died four years ago from breast cancer, and I miss her still every day.
I've always loved the cupboard,but after a bedroom move about, a couple of years ago I had nowhere for this cupboard to go, so I reluctantly put it in storage in the cellar, where it got rather grubby and sad.
I think it was one of those nights when I couldn't sleep that I remembered the cupboard and thought it'd be great to store the baby's clothes and nappies.
A good clean up, some glue in the joints ( and a bit of reinforcement here and there...thanks Woody! ), a couple of coats of paint, and a rub down with a wire brush, and I have a "shabby chic " style storage cupboard.
I added some Cath Kidston scented drawer liners, and this little hand sewn heart, : voila!! Perfect place to put all the baby things.

Finished cupboard.

cath kidston drawer liners

Thank you to Anton, wherever you are honey!

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  1. It looks beautiful and what a great way for your friends gift to be given new life.


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