Spring Green

4:51 pm

Spring Green, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

The sun has been shining today,and I've been sewing with these lovely fabrics. This Mei Tai is off to a customer tomorrow. I hope she likes it.
I also finished off some Post Partum Mama Pads for me, in pretty flannel fabrics by Sandi Henderson. I will need to make more of these.
I do think a Mama needs girly pretty stuff around her for the post partum weeks.

Pretty Mama Pads

Also finished off a few more nappy wraps for baby...my stash of baby stuff hidden at the back of my loft is getting rather large now,and I'm losing track of what I have back there...

Cute Owls

Pure White

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  1. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Oh, like the daiper stuff mama pads and the very much - now THAT's some color - not as boring as usual!


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