Happy Monday!

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It's a lovely sunny bank holiday Monday, and I'm taking things pretty easy this morning....ie putting off mopping the kitchen floor for as long as possible!
I just wanted to add a little note about the free patterns/ tutorials over there on the left hand side of the screen.
Firstly, if you try them out, remember they are free, and there might be little errors I haven't noticed. These patterns work for me, and I'm always happy to hear from anyone who has a go at them, how they find them. ( And I love to see pics too! ) Please feel free to experiment and add your own flourishes to each design.
If you do use one of the patterns and put the resulting item on your blog please do link back to me.
Finally please don't just assume you can make items from the patterns and then sell them, that's a bit rude, and probably if you just ask my permission first I would say yep go ahead!

A couple of notes re specific patterns:

The Chef's Half Apron, is a simple pattern designed initially for the children who come to my sewing circle once a month. It is therefore primarily a children's ( or small adult ) sized pattern, and ideal for absolute beginners, hopefully teaching some skills with pressing/pinning/tacking and sewing machine control.

The Lazy Seamstress Mama Pads were designed for my own use, and that means I didn't include a waterproof layer. ( I prefer to keep my pads all natural fibtres and rely on absorbancy. ) I know some people out there prefer a waterproof layer as backup, so please do feel free to add a layer of PUL, either in place of the bottom outer layer or hidden inside the bottom outer layer. ( Maybe you could experiment with fleece or wool too. )

Hmmm, think that's everything....right now for that kitchen floor......

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