A bedroom full of fairies.

7:46 am

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A short while after I wrote yesterday's post, Sid came up to our bedroom with a present for me, a jar full of fairies from the garden! He said I couldn't see them because they were invisible. I suggested the fairies might be happier in the garden, but Sid insisted on releasing them in our bedroom.
So there you go, I now have a bedroom full of fairies, just when I needed them.

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  1. Oh bless him - what a sweetheart xxx

  2. heheh that's too cute!

  3. You and Sid just made my day!

  4. wow that is just the most amazing thing! We all need fairies in our bedroom!

  5. Awww, how lovely!!
    Hope they don't keep you awake tonight!!

  6. What a lovely gift! I could use some faeries, too. ;-)

    I read your comment on Catherine W's blog and had to pop by your blog to say hi from Canada. I likewise have four living children and a boy now waiting for us in heaven. He was full-term stillborn in May and it's been so hard. I really identified with your comment on Catherine's blog.

    And when I have a baby, I'm a babywearer, too. (((Hugs)))

  7. Oh I love it! What a beautiful imagination.

  8. Bless him, everyone needs a little fairy magic


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