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Weekends are safe,cosy,my sanctuary. I look forward to being with Woody and the children. We don't have to do anything special,our routine of Saturday night pizza is enough.
Even days like today when we lost track of time,and missed Angus' swimming lesson,and the children have been in a bickering mood,are still good days.
This morning two parcels I've been waiting on arrived, the locket pictured above intended to carry Florence's snip of hair, and a book. "An Exact Replica Of a Figment Of My Imagination" by Elizabeth McCracken.
I can't remember the last time I read a book in one day.
I'm not certain what I want to say about it,except I understood it. I almost wanted to highlight every paragraph that described exactly some of the feelings and thoughts I've had since Florence was born.
Part of me wants to give a copy to everyone I love to help them understand more,but maybe they still wouldn't. Maybe you can't unless you've been there.
I would definately recommend it to babylost parents though.
Right, now to get on with all the hoovering I should have been doing instead of reading.

(sorry the pic is not great, self taken in crappy light.)

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  1. That's a really pretty locket. Thank you for sharing.

  2. How beautiful is that locket and how lovely to keep a locket of Florence's hair in it. Its perfect.
    You have found the most beautiful things to comfort you and your family.
    You know you are allowed to feel however you need to, if that book has helped you maybe you could lend it to others- if they ask what they can do - they can read that book-sometimes its easier when someone else says it for you?
    just an idea lovey.

  3. What a beautiful place to carry Florence with you wherever you go . . . right close to your heart. Peace to you Jeanette.
    Marissa (Naomi's Mommy on TBW)

  4. Such a lovely locket and a great idea for Florence. Your hair is the most stunning colour too!

  5. I've just bought a Victorian mourning locket for a similar purpose.

    Yours is lovely. What a beautiful way to honour Florence. x


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