Warm and woolly for only £1

3:48 pm

I ran up these trousers today for Sid, they are upcycled from a wool dressing gown I bought in a charity shop for a whole £1.
Upcycled trousers
I made use of the pockets by cutting out each back panel to include them, and I added a cute lamington lane label just to finish them off.
Warm and woolly (the reverse)
And remembered a label
These should keep him cosy when we go to Cornwall in a weeks time. They have lots of growing room too, so will see him through a couple of winters.
I used the same pattern as for these trousers,but with a few adjustments.
I'll post modelled pics when he wears them, the light is already too poor here for good pics.

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  1. These are brilliant! How inspiring. Love the funky label! x

  2. What a great way of repurposing old for new. I have a stack of skirts and tops that need renewing.
    San x

  3. I LOVE the pattern allignment of the pockets! Super funky XXX

  4. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see a pic of him wearing them. I love the term "upcycled."

    BTW - have you read Amanda Soule's blog SouleMama? I think you'd love it if you haven't yet discovered her.

  5. Karen, hi, yes I do usually read Amanda's blog, though lately not so much.
    Thanks for the comments guys.

  6. Great trousers! (as always!)


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