We decided to go.

4:21 pm

We decided to go to the vintage fair, just got back, and didn't encounter any nasties on the train journey. Lots of police about though, and a helicopter circling the city centre.
The fair itself was pretty dissapointing. Firstly it was dark in there, how can you buy clothing and jewellery in the dark? ( Do I sound ancient? I did kinda feel it.)Then, most of the stalls comprised of severely overpriced charity shop rejects, plus a few dodgy stalls of handmade stuff..Mary and I did a lot of eyebrow raising and knowing looks to one another when inspecting a few hand sewn items...I know we are horrible!
Oh yea, and the one place I didn't expect to be faced with a teeny newborn baby was the student union, but there he was. Gorgeous little thing,but not something I needed to see.
Despite all that though, it was lovely to spend time with a good friend. We had a cuppa and a chat in the eighth day, and I've even forgiven the young man behind the counter for being more interested in flirting with the young girls in front of me in the queue rather than serving me, and for giving me cows milk instead of soya milk, because in his words he made "an informed judgement"...hmmmm.
Oh and I didn't cry on the train.

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  1. It was a shame about the fair wasn't it, although the multi-coloured scarf I bought has been a huge hit!

  2. OOer, I was just popping in to say I hope you didn't go, after reading this.
    Glad you avoided the trouble XXXX
    Glad you enjoyed the company, disappointed for you that you were disappointed in the fair.
    Hugs about being confronted with the little one XOXOX
    Sadly, it will be unavoidable to be in what I call, the 'pregozone', surrounded by pregnant or new mums, it's sods law when it's the last thing you need. I wish you all the strength in the world to deal with it hun.

  3. Ooh spooky I dreamed about the eighth day cafe last night and I haven't been/thought about it in years. Good on you for getting out and about, must have been really difficult. Love and hugs xxx


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